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New moon intentions worksheet


A ‘New Moon Intentions’ worksheet for you to use during new moon rituals. This worksheet helps you to visualize your dreams, intentions, goals and wishes. This product is digital only, no physical product will be send to you. After you made your purchase you get access to a download. The download has 4 .PDF files. 1 coloring page and 3 full color worksheets. You can print them for personal use as many time as you want.


How to use
If you are familiar with the moon cycles, you already know the phase ‘New Moon’. During the New Moon is a perfect time to start new beginnings. A blank canvas, a perfect time to set your intentions for the upcoming period. This sheet can help you make your dreams, wishes and intentions visible. Take your time when you are filling it in. You can store it in a safe place afterwards or you can hang it, so it becomes a reminder of what you want and what your are working for. choice is up to you!

The worksheet
It’s up to you which version of the worksheet you like to use for a ritual (you receive all 4, so you can vary with it). If you feel creative you can print the coloring page, if not, you can choose one of the full color versions. The worksheet is designed to fill in:

  • The date
  • The theme for this new moon
  • Your new moon intentions
  • Your wishes
  • An affirmation

File size and Disclaimer
The files are .PDF. To Read/open those files you need the free software Acrobat Reader. You can print and use the sheets as many times as you wish, but for personal uses only. It’s not allowed to resell the designs or printed sheets. It’s also not allowed to reproduce or publice the worksheets on the internet or to spread them in any way. The rights of these files remain with SB Designs Creations