Jewelry Information

Tips to endure the life of the jewelry items:

  • All jewelry is coated and water repellent, but not waterproof. Never wear the jewelry during a bath, shower or in a swimming pool.
  • Store the jewelry in a dry place (not in a bathroom), preferably out of sunlight (to prefect color changes).
  • Silver plated and silver jewelry items will become darker over time (because of oxidation). This is a natural process and can't be prevented. How fast this happens depends on different factors. For example the acidity of your skin, but also contact with chemicals. Be careful with perfume, make-up and other skin care products. For example don't wear perfume at the exact same spot were your necklace touches your skin.
  • Be careful with cleaning products. Don't use a ultrasonic or water to clean the jewelry. To clean the jewelry, only use a soft dry cloth.

The materials

I use different kinds of materials for my jewelry items. Every jewelry item has a description with specification. One of those specification states which materials are used for the design.

Those materials can be:

  • Silver plated parts
    This are parts made of an base metal and immersed in a bath and therefore provided with a layer of silver.
  • 925 Sterling silver parts
    Those parts consist at least 92,5% silver. Most people can wear those materials without any problems. For most earrings the hooks can be chosen, sterling silver hooks is an option.
  • RVS/stainless steel parts
    Stainless steel parts (304 or 316). Consist very little nickel and shouldn't be causing any allergic reaction. I use high quality stainless steel.
  • Aluminium (anodized) parts
    Anodized aluminium has a oxide layer to prevent scratches. For example the dragonscales I use are made of this material.
  • Gemstones/Crystals
    In my designs I use different kind of gemstones. When I use a gemstone in a design, it is always named in the specifications.I have a list of gemstones, with specifications and spiritual properties. For extensive and very specific information and properties my advice is; 'Google is your best friend'.
  • Glass & Texturematerials
    For example the marble stones are made of glass and different marble texture materials. Other glass materials are little flasks.
  • Clay
    In some designs I use clay. The clay I use is a high quality polymer clay. After baking it is quite strong. Clay jewelry items are still a little vulnerable and should always be handled with care. Necklaces sculpted from clay aren't advisable for children (because of the vulnerability of the product).
  • Natural Materials & Resin/Epoxy
    For some designs I use natural materials like flower petals, leaves, herbs, etc. Mostly I dry the materials before using. Ways I use them in my jewelry is for example with resin/epoxy.

Lead and Nickel

The jewelry items I make are lead and nickel safe. This means that the outside layer of the item doesn't contain any lead an none or very little nickel (it shouldn't give any allergic reaction). Silver plated parts have a base metal heart, those can contain lead or nickel.

Stainless steel almost always consist nickel. 304 and 316 both contain a little nickel, but very little. General nickel allergies shouldn't have any problems with those materials. Those are general facts, but every person is different. I cannot promise you, you can wear the jewelry items. I can't estimate how heavy a nickel allergy is and if you can wear the items.

Advice about allergy

It is difficult to estimate if you can wear a jewelry item. Allergies are in different degrees and I cant promise anything. In general most people should be able to wear my jewelry designs, but you know yourself better than I do. If you have a very high allergy and you are in doubt; my advice is to not buy my products. Or buy just one item to test it (keep in mind I use a lot of different materials). Disclaimer: you can't return jewelry items that are worn.