Tijger button-pin – Spirit Animal


Tijger button-pin
Een ronde button met een tijger spirit animal illustratie. De illustratie is mijn eigen ontwerp.

– Professioneel gemaakte button.
– Haarscherp geprint.
– Matte finish.
– ⌀32 mm.
– Fancy verpakkings kaartje (door mij ontworpen).

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The Tiger (vertaling volgt)
The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage. If the atmosphere of your encounter with your power animal is mostly positive, the tiger could remind you of your personal power and ability to overcome obstacles. Seeing this spirit animal also means that you’re overcoming fears and learning how to deal with strong emotions that once felt threatening, but are becoming more and more manageable.

Tiger spirit animals can represent physical strength, vitality, and health. The expression “strong like a tiger” denotes the positive attributes that your power animal can communicate to you.

As an extension, the presence of the tiger spirit animal could connect with your appetite for life and sensuality. Depending on how you feel when you encounter this animal, it may indicate a strong, positive expression of your sensuality.

About the illustration
This specific button is a print of one of my ‘spirit animal’ illustrations, a theme where I dove into the world of spiritual meanings of animals. The original illustration is made with pencils and ink. All my work is inspired by fantasy, nature & everything magical.

© Susanne Bot-Boer, SB Designs Creations

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