Pentagram vinyl sticker Rowan branches nature


A vinyl sticker with a nature pentagram illustration made of rowan tree branches. The illustration is my own design. The sticker professionally printed and has a matt finish. Although the sticker is water repellent, it isn’t suitable for outdoor. You can use it for laptops, planners, notebooks, plant pots, your BOS or Grimoire, home deco, it sticks to anything.

Made & shipped within 3-5 workdays

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  • Size sticker: 10 cm high (3.9 inch)
  • Professionally quality printed
  • Full color illustration on a white background
  • matt finish
  • own design illustration
  • water repellent and suitable for indoor

About the illustration
The illustration is handdrawn and digitally colored. I use all kind of textures, including marble paper textures, who give my illustrations an unique style. The Rowan tree is a strong and magickal tree for many. It provides wisdom, power and protection against negativity and evil. I really like this tree and found it suitable to use this tree for this pentagram illustration. The pentagram is a very old symbol (one of the oldest) and it’s a very powerful one. It is linked to the elements and spirituality.

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