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Moonflowers Maan Cycle Affirmation Cards English


MOONFLOWERS’ Moon cyclus affirmation cards

In about 29.5 days, the moon goes through all phases of the lunar cycle. Each moon phase has it’s own energy and this energy also exists in us. These affirmation cards help you to connect to the energy of the moon phases and therefore to the energy within yourself. Set goals, embrace growth, celebrate successes, break patterns and develop into the best version of yourself.

Own design product

Text, illustrations and design by SB Designs Creations.


Will be shipped within 3-5 workdays after placing the order. Ships from the Netherlands.

Specifications and materials:

  • Set of 10 affirmation cards; 9 moon phases affirmations and 1 affirmation for the lunar cycle.
  • Front with illustration and keyword, back with the affirmation and information.
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Cards are printed on high quality cardstock, 300 grams.
  • Cards are coated on both sides and have rounded corners.
  • Size cards: between A6/A7
  • Comes in a matching storage folder, so you can keep the cards organized together.
  • excluding other attributes shown in the photos.



Ideas for using these cards:

  • Let the affirmation cards move with the current moon phase. For example on your altar or another place in the house.
  • Read the affirmations out loud, words have power.
  • Take the affirmation card with the most suitable affirmation with you for extra support, for example in your bag, planner or agenda.
  • Are you stuck in a certain situation and/or do you have a certain problem? Draw a moonflower affirmation card blindly and see to what extent you can approach the situation from that energy.
  • Use them as a focus point during meditations.

About the design | ☽ Moon phases and Moonflowers ☾

This illustration is inspired by the phases of the moon and moonflowers. Every moon phase has its own unique energy and you can connect to that energy. Moonflowers (Ipomoea alba) are cool night plants. The flowers open in moonlight/when the night falls and close when the morning arise. Moonflowers are a symbol of blossoming in dark times. We are both light and dark and we go through light and dark phases in our lives. This illustration is a reminder that although we feel we go through a dark time or situation, we are still beautiful creatures able to blossom & grow in the night, just like moon flowers can. The energy of moonflowers and the energy of each moon phase is used in the card designs. All moon phases have moonflowers and the more energy the moon has, the more flowers it has as well. During dark moon the moonflowers are closed. Every card has also a color detail fitting the energy of the moon phase.

The illustration is drawn by hand and digitally edited. I also added handmade textures from different texture techniques.

Real colors can slightly differ due toe different monitor settings.

© SB Designs Creations | Creations that connect you to fantasy, nature and magick.