Kitsune fox postcard/A6 artprint


An A6 cardprint with my kitsune fox illustration. Kitsunes are spirits in Japanese mythology and can be found all around Japan. They look like normal foxes except for their tails. They can have up to 9 tails and they have magickal powers. They are also shapshifters and are known for their attractive human form. The postcard can be send to loved ones, but can also be used to decorate a room.

Shipping: will be shipped within 2-4 workdays.

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  • A6 size.
  • Full color artprint.
  • Sharply & professionally printed on 300 gram cardboard.
  • Layout on the back has room for a stamp, address and a message.
  • Own design/illustration

About the illustration
This illustration is inspired by Japanese mythology. I combined those two themes in this illustration.

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