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‘Fairy Magick’
A shirt with my own nature-dream catcher illustration. The dream catcher has a ‘fairy star’ symbol and ‘hag stones’. Around the dreamcatcher are flying fairies. The shirt is made from 100% ecologic cotton and the illustration is printed with high quality techniques. It’s printed directly on the surface of the cotton. A unique shirt for a fantasy & witchy vibe.

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  • Shirt: 100% ecologic cotton (animal, people & environment friendly :D).
  • Print: Own illustration
  • Print-technique: high quality! The illustration is deeply printed directly into the cotton.
  • Sizes: from XS to XL, please inform the size chart for the exact dimensions (you can measure the size from a shirt that fits you well and use that to decide your size).

Please be aware that screen colors can differ a little from the real colors due to different monitor settings.

‘Fairy Magick’
The shirt represents the world of fairies. The dream catcher has a seven-pointed star in the middle, also known as Faery Star of Elven Star. This symbol is often used to represent the world(s) of Fairy. It can be displayed as a protective shield, a focal point for meditation, or a symbol of the Shining Realms. I also included hag stones in the illustration. Hag stones are stones with a natural hole in them. They say when you find one and look through the hole, you can peak into other worlds, including the world of the fairies.’

Washing Instructions
Wash the shirts always inside-out at maximum 40 C.

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