Jewelry information

Tips to make the jewelry last as long as possible:

  • The jewelry is coated and water-repellent, but it's best to avoid water. Please avoid direct contact with water, like swimming or bathing.
  • Store in a dry place and out of sunlight to keep the jewelry in perfect condition.
  • Be careful with other products such as cleaning products, make-up remover and hairspray to extend the durability.
  • Do not use ultrasonic for the jewelry, do not use cleaning agents. Only use a dry soft cloth to polish the jewelry

The materials

I use a variety of materials in my jewelry collection. When you would like to know the specific materials used for a jewelry item, take a look at the product description. Every jewelry items has all the materials named in the product description.

Those materials can be:

  •  Silver plated jewelry parts
    Those parts are made of a base metal with a layer of silver over it.
  • 925 Sterling silver parts
    Jewelry parts that consist at least 92,5% silver. Most people can wear jewelry items made from this material without getting an allergic reaction.
  • RVS/stainless steel parts
    Jewelry parts made from 304 or 316 stainless steel. This is a high quality stainless steel with a very small amount of nickel (nickel is necessary for the firmness and it makes the stainless steel more resistent against corrosion).
  • Aluminium (anodized) jewelry parts
    Anodizing aluminum gives an oxide layer to the aluminum that prevents scratches and wear. Among other things, the dragon scales are made of this material.
  • Gemstones/Crystals
    In my jewelry designs I use a variety of crystals. Every crystal has it's own materials and properties. The names of the gemstones are in every product description.
  • Glass & texture materials
    Most jewelry designs have textured glass-stones in the design. I use different materials and texture techniques to obtain beautiful textured glasss-stones. Other materials of glass are for example little glass bottles.
  • Clay
    In some jewelry designs I use clay. This is a professional quality polymer clay which is quote strong after baking. However, jewelry made with clay are always delicate and need to be handled with care. Those jewelry items aren't suitable for (little) children.
  • Natural materials and Resin
    In some jewelry designs I use natural materials. For example dried leaves, grass, moss, certain herbs etc. I use those materials for example with resin.

Lead & nickel

The jewelry designs I make are lead and nickel safe. This means that the outer layer of all jewelry designs don't contain nickel of a very low amount that shouldn't trigger an allergic reaction. With silver plated materials the outer layer won't contain lead or nickel. Underneath the layer of silver there can be lead and/or nickel.

Advice about allergies

It's difficult to decide beforehand if you can wear certain materials. The only advice I can give you; test different kind of materials and find out for yourself if there are certain materials that trigger an allergic reaction. Disclaimer; I can't take back jewelry items that are worn.